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Overwhelmed at Work

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Dear Lord,

You know that I/we have been hit hard by several surprises at once, and I/we can’t handle all the bills in front of me/us.  I feel numb and overwhelmed, discouraged, and full of anxiety.  I don’t know what to do.

I pray that you would make a way for me/us in this circumstance.  I am willing to do whatever you tell me to.  I pray that you will give me the strength to overcome any negative emotions to deal with this with a clear mind.  I pray for wisdom and creativity to handle this.  I pray for mercy from those I/we owe and for poise and courage to speak to them directly.

You own the earth and everything on it, so I ask that You send a miracle to provide relief in this situation.  I pray that even though the urgent need in front of me came as a surprise, You already knew this was coming and weren’t taken off-guard, for nothing is hidden from You.

You will deliver me/us, O Lord, and I/we thank You in advance for meeting every need.  I pray for a blessing and improvement in all of our finances.

In Jesus’ Name,


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