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Better Marriage

Prayer for a better marriage

Gracious and Loving God,

You created us to love one another and for our marriage to be a special bond of love, trust, and mutual respect between husband and wife.  I love my spouse, and I see far too many ways that we fall short of what you have planned for us.  Both of us have failed to express the love, kindness, respect, and the words that foster a wonderful relationship.

I call to You, Father, for help to turn my marriage around and strengthen it.  Help me to leave the grievances and judgments against my spouse down at your feet, along with my own sins and shortcomings before You.  I confess that I don’t have the words, thoughts, attitudes, or deeds to make my marriage better in my own strength.  I need You to fill me with Your grace and wisdom, so that I can share that kind of grace and wisdom with my spouse.

With Your help, I promise to do all that is in my power to improve my marriage.  I ask for Your patience when problems don’t disappear instantly or I don’t get the immediate response from my spouse that I was looking for.  Most of all I ask that You help me love and respect my spouse as you taught us through Your love to the church. 

I believe that You make all things new—and that You can transform my marriage into a relationship of love and respect and joy.  Continue to bless me as I bless my spouse and marriage.

I pray all this in the blessed name of Jesus,


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JenChad Noble
JenChad Noble

Thank you - wonderful message!

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