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Crews working on Ninth St Bldg Sioux Falls

Taking the Issues of Life to the Giver of Life

227 W. 9th St.
Mon-Fri 10AM-4PM

In 2008, 227 West 9th Street in downtown Sioux Falls was purchased to expand the business next door, but God had a different plan. Instead, He called for the creation of the Direct Line Prayer Center at that location. The Prayer Center is staffed daily by local volunteers and available to anyone for intercessory prayer for all of life's concerns. These prayer warriors come from all corners of the Christian faith, with one understanding... God answers prayer!

Our main prayer focuses include:

  • Personal needs for those needing a touch from God

  • Government, business and commerce

  • Other ministries that are seeking prayer covering

History reveals this same building was used by the Union Gospel Mission in the 1930's and 1940's as a prayer center! People came from around the region to receive prayer. That mission continues today, with the gathering of like-minded prayer warriors staffing the ministry.

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